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Teaching Early Reading

We  strongly believe that reading is the key to accessing most other subjects within the curriculum and is a basis for having a sound education. We strive to teach the children the key skills to be able to read, as well as a passion and love for books and reading. We provide an environment conducive to this by ensuring children are exposed to a rich variety of texts, opportunities to share and enjoy books and the role models they need to experience why reading is so great!

Guided Reading is a dedicated, accurately planned session during which children are taught the skills to become confident, independent and motivated readers. Skills we teach include; application of phonics to decode words, self-correction, self-monitoring, omission to work out unknown words, reading for meaning and inference.

We are very proud to be a school which offers the Boosting Reading Potential (BRP) programme. BRP is a one to one reading intervention which is hugely successful in supporting children to make rapid progress with their reading ability.

Parents are encouraged to read with children at home using books from our colour banding reading scheme, communicating their child’s progress in the reading journals that the school look at regularly.

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