Welcome to Year One!

Please find following the presentation given at our Welcome Evening: Welcome Evening Y1 2017


This Summer 2018 term our topic is:  Under The Sea

Year One Summer 1 Newsletter  &  Year One Summer 1 Curriculum Map


Yr 1 – Spring 2018 newsletter
Yr 1 – Spring 2018 Curriculum Map Term 1

Year 1 Autumn 1 2017 newsletter

Year 1 Autumn 2017 Curriculum Map

Year One Spellings

Please find attached the Year 1 Common Exception Words and Sound Families discussed at the Year 1 Phonics Workshop. The Common Exception Words are the words that we will support the children in spelling accurately by the end of Year 1. The Sound Families show the graphemes that represent different phonemes that will be taught across Year 1.

Year 1 Common Exception Words
Sound Families Mat – Autumn 2017

Year One Phonics

The following link will take you to the Phonics Workshop for KS1 given in October 2017 – KS1 Phonics Workshop 2017

We use letters and sounds to teach phonics.  Support your child at home by playing these fun games!
Year One Requests

We always need parents to read with the children. If you have a spare few minutes then speak to your child’s class teacher.

We always need…
junk, buttons, large pieces of card, cloth, wool…