Who are the Governors and what do they do at HIIS?

Welcome to the governor pages of the Histon and Impington Infant School website. Please look around to get an idea of who we are and what we do. In the links within this section you will find a ‘who’s who’ of the committee members, minutes of our meetings (going back up to two academic years), the reports from the termly visits we make to the school and the newly introduced newsfeed section.

The Histon and Impington Infant School Schools Advisory Board Body (HIIS SAB) is a founding part of the CPET (Cambridge Primary Education Trust) group. We have a strategic role to support the Headteacher in their daily running of the school. Governors do not involve themselves in the day to day operational work of the Headteacher and Staff. They are ‘critical friends’ who follow the school’s progress and development through monitoring/observational activities and posing challenging enquiries. Some of the ways in which we do this are through:

SAB meetings – where we discuss matters relating to the school’s targets, results/pupil progress, curriculum, development plans, safeguarding, Ofsted visits etc.

Link Governors – These are governors with a particular responsibility for different areas of the curriculum or school life (e.g. English, SEN). They are in regular contact with their equivalent staff link to see how things are progressing and what has been achieved. The aim being to help the school improve through self-assessment.

School visits – Each term a group of two or three governors visits the school to observe in detail how the school is performing in a particular area (e.g. Writing, Safeguarding, G & T provision). It is not the role of the governors to make judgements on these occasions (we are not inspectors), but to monitor and question what the school is doing. Reports are written for the school and other stakeholders to read and use in school improvement. Visit foci are set at the beginning of each academic year and are generally based around the School Development Plan.

Health and Safety – Governors are always part of the ‘walkabout’ which takes place termly to assess whether the school is meeting safety guidelines appropriately.

Committees – The HIIS SAB has representatives on the CPET Trust committees and will always endeavour to have at least one representative attend the Parent Forum.

This is only a few of the duties governors take part in. It must be remembered that every governor is a volunteer, whether they are Parent, Trust appointed or Staff elected. They take on training in their own time to ensure that they do the very best they can for the school in every strategic area. Their aim is to drive continuous school improvement and create the very best learning environment for each child, no matter what their age and ability. To the HIIS governors Every Child Matters.