Histon and Impington Infant School – School Advisory Board (SAB)

SAB Whole School Aims and Ethos 2016-17


‘Bringing Learning to Life’


The HIIS SAB supports and believes in the School’s vision for its pupils: “Histon and Impington Infant School nurtures the progress of every child through a creative curriculum. Independent learning is encouraged through a wide variety of rich, challenging and exciting activities. Fundamental to achievement are the acquisition of knowledge, skills and reflective thinking.”

The governors of the HIIS SAB will: These aims will be met through:
Ensure the needs of vulnerable pupils are met. Monitoring the use of Pupil Premium/Sports Premium and how the school uses it to support the vulnerable groups – through reports, SAB meetings and governor visits.
Ensure that all children, whatever their age or ability, are provided with at least a good education with a view to reaching outstanding across the curriculum. Monitoring Teaching and Learning through governor visits based around the SDP and other important focus areas.


Commit to continual school improvement and the raising of standards.

Challenging and questioning the school and its Data at regular SAB meetings and in line with the SAB Strategy points (see following table).
Maintain a strong commitment to safeguarding for all. Termly Health and Safety checks, Safeguarding Audits and annual SAB Self-assessment. Ensure at least one governor has up to date ‘Safer Recruitment’ training.
Endeavour to appoint the best staff to the school through a rigorous recruitment process.

Appointing governors to the SAB with a view to filling any relevant skills gaps.


  Taking part in HIIS staff recruitment, headteacher performance appraisal and providing representatives to the CPET sub-committees.
Commit to staff wellbeing and support Continual Professional Development. Maintaining a supportive Link network with staff in both curriculum and specialist areas e.g. Safeguarding and SEND.
Ensure that the school works with parents to support the education of their children. Providing a governor representative to attend parent forum. Also ensure that parents are kept up to date of SAB and school information as appropriate through the website and notices.
Commit to CPD/Training for all governors to improve skills and keep them relevant. Identifying training needs and attending appropriate training throughout the year. Keep a log and carry out annual skills audit.
Ensure that all relevant policies are up to date, relevant and available to all teaching staff. Ensuring the relevance of all policies that reflect the school processes.

Provide information for and actively engage with CPET and the Multi Academy Trust school cluster.


Ensuring close working relationships across the Trust, including a commitment to attend joint meetings and training where possible.
Support the work of the Trust in developing and improving the academy schools. Provide a governor representative to attend any local Parish Council/LA meetings where the interests/developments of the Trust are being discussed e.g. growth of the Trust or building development.




‘Bringing Learning to Life’

Heading Detailed points Monitoring


Teaching & Learning





Staff development




Early Years


Vulnerable Groups








School Growth and Development






Accountability (SAB and senior management)




* Items regularly discussed and monitored as part of normal SAB meetings and activities